Domaine le Pic-bois

Observing the Black Bear

The rendezvous point is given at 11:30 am at Saint-Aimé-des-Lacs, more precisely at chemin du Pied des Monts. Upon arrival, visitors will meet with a bilingual facilitator with whom they can share habitat and lifestyle habits of black bears. Then, from the top of a mirador, in safety and sheltered from the inclement weather, they have the opportunity to observe and photograph this impressive mammal at a distance of less than 20 meters. It is always spectacular to appreciate the strength, skill, ingenuity and dexterity that it shows in its natural habitat. The duration of the excursion is about 4 hours and the walk that leads to the viewpoint takes a Fifteen minutes. Along the way, we take the opportunity to introduce people to the fauna and flora of the forest of the estate. Reservations required 24 hours in advance.

Distance from the hotel 65 km
Travel time 1h30

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